6th October 2019
Law | Europe | Sarah Zingel

Unlawful Prorogation: The Supreme Court v PM Boris Johnson

In this article, our new author Sarah Zingel casts an eye on the British Supreme Court's judgement on PM Johnson's failed attempt to suspend Parliament by proroguing it.

23rd September 2019
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

Rule of Law in China: Historical origins, present state, future prospects

In this article, Tim Hagemann analyses which historical differences exist between the Chinese and Western understanding of Rule of Law, if China could be described as a Rule of Law country and finally dares to give a little forecast into its future development.

6th July 2019
Economics | Africa | Marcel Thomkins

Emerging Economies in the Debt Trap - The case of Ghana

This article by Marcel Thomkins will undertake a brief investigation into the current situation of Ghanas 2019 fiscal deficit and public debt stock and provides recommendations for its resolution.

5th February 2018
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

Constitutionalism in China: Torn between judicial independence and structural interference

Tim Hagemann gives an introduction to Chinese constitutionalism with a focus on the civil liberties granted by the Chinese constitution, their legal protection and structural challenges.

2nd January 2018
Economics | South Asia | Shrey Khan

Bharatmala: Money down the drain?

This article tries to argue that India's Bharatmala scheme needs a relook. Given fiscal constraints, it would be more prudent to focus on existing projects and upgrading existing infrastructure, especially the Rail network. Much greater focus is needed on social development sector as well.

12th November 2017
Law | Europe | Tim Hagemann

Independència or Unidad? The Catalonia Crisis and the right to self determination

Considering the recently escalated fight for Catalonian independence, Tim Hagemann explores the legal preconditions for seceding under international law and its applicability to the Catalonia crisis.