6th April 2020
Law | Worldwide | Tim Hagemann

Overcoming the Global Governance Gap through Consensus-Driven Realism

In this essay, Tim Hagemann outlines the problems for regulating Corporate Social Responsibilities of multi-national enterprises on a global level, the established approaches to overcome this regulatory gap and his personal view of what has to be done now.

19th November 2019
Law | Worldwide | Sarah Zingel

Women joining IS - Female Radicalization through Propaganda and Social Media

In part 2 of her series, Sarah Zingel sheds light on the frequency of Islamist-radicalized women and focuses on Islamic State's radicalization methods, the role of social medias and women's intrinsic motifs for radicalization.

24th October 2019
Law | Middle East | Tim Hagemann

Limitless Self Defence? Turkey's invasion of Northern Syria in light of Art. 51 UN Charter

In this article, Tim Hagemann will analyze the general preconditions for self-defense in international law and their applicability to the Turkish military operations in Northern Syria in light of the perception of self-defense in the last two decades.

22nd October 2019
Law | Worldwide | Sarah Zingel

What is radicalization? Approaching a controversial concept

In part 1 of her series on the conditions, process and implications of Islamist radicalization of women, Sarah Zingel develops a definition of radicalization from a criminological, psychological, historical and socio-political perspective.

10th October 2019
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

The Development of Chinese Civil Law - Western influence and Chinese Characteristics

This analysis examines the historic origins of modern Chinese civil law, its current development and its defining characteristics.

6th October 2019
Law | Europe | Sarah Zingel

Unlawful Prorogation: The Supreme Court v PM Boris Johnson

In this article, our new author Sarah Zingel casts an eye on the British Supreme Court's judgement on PM Johnson's failed attempt to suspend Parliament by proroguing it.