East Asia
10th October 2019
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

The Development of Chinese Civil Law - Western influence and Chinese Characteristics

This analysis examines the historic origins of modern Chinese civil law, its current development and its defining characteristics.

23rd September 2019
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

Rule of Law in China: Historical origins, present state, future prospects

In this article, Tim Hagemann analyses which historical differences exist between the Chinese and Western understanding of Rule of Law, if China could be described as a Rule of Law country and finally dares to give a little forecast into its future development.

5th February 2018
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

Constitutionalism in China: Torn between judicial independence and structural interference

Tim Hagemann gives an introduction to Chinese constitutionalism with a focus on the civil liberties granted by the Chinese constitution, their legal protection and structural challenges.