6th July 2019
Economics | Africa | Marcel Thomkins

Emerging Economies in the Debt Trap - The case of Ghana

This article by Marcel Thomkins will undertake a brief investigation into the current situation of Ghanas 2019 fiscal deficit and public debt stock and provides recommendations for its resolution.

2nd January 2018
Economics | South Asia | Shrey Khan

Bharatmala: Money down the drain?

This article tries to argue that India's Bharatmala scheme needs a relook. Given fiscal constraints, it would be more prudent to focus on existing projects and upgrading existing infrastructure, especially the Rail network. Much greater focus is needed on social development sector as well.

5th November 2017
Economics | South Asia | Reetwija Chakraborty

USD 32 Billion in Indian Public Banks: A boon or bane?

This article seeks to explore whether recapitalising the Indian Public Banks was necessary and sufficient.