Middle East
24th October 2019
Law | Middle East | Tim Hagemann

Limitless Self Defence? Turkey's invasion of Northern Syria in light of Art. 51 UN Charter

In this article, Tim Hagemann will analyze the general preconditions for self-defense in international law and their applicability to the Turkish military operations in Northern Syria in light of the perception of self-defense in the last two decades.

15th October 2017
Politics | Middle East | Marcel Thomkins

The post-war order of Syria: A country torn between ethnical division and geopolitical interest

As the fighting against ISIS draws to a close in its strongholds of Mosul and Raqqa the factions of the Syrian War and their international backers are laying the groundwork for a new post war territorial order of the Syrian political landscape.

25th September 2017
Law | Middle East | Tim Hagemann

Necessary reforms or borderline authoritarianism? A legal analysis of Turkey's constitutional reform

On 16th April, over 58 million Turkish citizens were called to cast their ballot on the constitutional reform proposed by the AKP led government that would transform the country to a presidential system.