Tim Hagemann
Dipl. Jur. Maître en Droit

Tim Hagemann studied International Law, Economics and Chinese at the Universities in Tuebingen, Beijing, Aix-en-Provence and Maastricht. He holds a Master's degree in European and International Law from Aix-Marseille University, passed his first legal State Examination in Germany with a focus on public international and economic law and currently pursues an additional Master's degree in International Trade and Investment Law at Maastricht University. Professionally, he works as research associate for a renowned law firm and authors books relating to international business and economic law.

Marcel Thomkins
B.Sc. M.Sc.

Marcel Thomkins is a Political Economist who focuses on questions of International Relations, Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Development in Emerging Markets. After graduating with a B.Sc. in Economics and East Asia Studies at Tuebingen University, Marcel pursued the Political Economy postgraduate programme at King`s College London. Specifically, he is interested in the Middle East and East Asia regions both for the implications of economic and political developments there on other markets, but also for possible "best practices" in development and state building, that could be adapted in other contexts.

Reetwija Chakraborty
B.Sc. M.Sc.

A recent graduate from King's College London, where I pursued an MSc. in Political Economy in Emerging Markets, I am currently enthusiastic about exploring economic and financial sector developments in South Asia, particularly India. For further information please visit my LinkedIn page.

Shrey Khan
B.A.(hons) M.Sc.

Shrey Khan is a Dheli resident who studied economics with a focus on emerging markets and international development in India and in the United Kingdom and recently graduated with a Master degree from King's College London. He was an intern for the World Food Program and currently works as a research analyst for a leading business and economics magazine in India.

Adrian Yefremov
Maître en Droit

Hello, My name is Adrian Yefremov, i'm 21 years old and i'm a Master 2 student in European Business Law in Nice. I know about the existence of this blog thanks to my friend and former Moot colleague Tim Hagemann, who recommended me this network as a place of exchange of ideas on diverse political social and economical issues. I speak four languages (french english polish and russian), and my main interests are law and economics, which i have practiced since high school. I am used to an environnement of ideas and debate, as i have been part of political associations as well as MENSA. I hope that you will accept me, as my knowledge of EU Law and Economics might be of some need in those times of political doubt and controversy surrounding Europe. However, even if i stand for Europe, i am well read in it's most frequent criticizms so i believe i can deliver an objective well written view about it's current state.  Adrian Yefremov

Sarah Zingel

Sarah Zingel holds a Bachelor's degree in European Legal Linguistics with a focus on International and European Law from the University of Cologne. After subsequently completing her law studies, she is currently about to pass her first Legal State Examination with utmost success, specializing in criminal law and criminology. Besides her studies, she works as a research associate at a renowned Cologne law firm, primarily dealing with data protection, contract and company law. From February 2020 onwards, she will pursue a two LLM degrees in Criminology and Corporate and Commercial Law at Maastricht University.

Guest authors

Wolfgang Mebs

Wolfgang Mebs is a retired teacher of English and Social Sciences. He also holds a degree in waste management. Before taking up teaching he worked in various fields, e.g. as an interpreter and as Head of Department of Education and Training in a waste disposal company. For some years he was involved in German party politics. Apart from his versatile interests in the humanities he spent much of his time travelling. At present he focuses on writing novels and his own political blog (www.myview-wolfgangmebs.de) which includes political essays, commentaries on daily issues as well as a travelog (at present mostly photography).