6th April 2020
Law | Worldwide | Tim Hagemann

Overcoming the Global Governance Gap through Consensus-Driven Realism

In this essay, Tim Hagemann outlines the problems for regulating Corporate Social Responsibilities of multi-national enterprises on a global level, the established approaches to overcome this regulatory gap and his personal view of what has to be done now.

4th March 2020
Politics | America | Wolfgang Mebs

The times they are a-changing? America's not-so-surprising development

In this article, our guest author Wolfgang Mebs outlines the development the United States undertook in recent years and the true reasons why this country once proud of its democratic heritage has embraced isolationist and populist policies.

19th November 2019
Law | Worldwide | Sarah Zingel

Women joining IS - Female Radicalization through Propaganda and Social Media

In part 2 of her series, Sarah Zingel sheds light on the frequency of Islamist-radicalized women and focuses on Islamic State's radicalization methods, the role of social medias and women's intrinsic motifs for radicalization.

24th October 2019
Law | Middle East | Tim Hagemann

Limitless Self Defence? Turkey's invasion of Northern Syria in light of Art. 51 UN Charter

In this article, Tim Hagemann will analyze the general preconditions for self-defense in international law and their applicability to the Turkish military operations in Northern Syria in light of the perception of self-defense in the last two decades.

22nd October 2019
Law | Worldwide | Sarah Zingel

What is radicalization? Approaching a controversial concept

In part 1 of her series on the conditions, process and implications of Islamist radicalization of women, Sarah Zingel develops a definition of radicalization from a criminological, psychological, historical and socio-political perspective.

10th October 2019
Law | East Asia | Tim Hagemann

The Development of Chinese Civil Law - Western influence and Chinese Characteristics

This analysis examines the historic origins of modern Chinese civil law, its current development and its defining characteristics.